With the Xircles Assistant you provide a 24/7 therapy focused expert support and engagement platform. Its AI powered question-answer concept can help to increase therapy success and safety. Xircles is the all-encompassing knowledge base for therapies.

HCPs get the information when they want it and need it. Everything to introduce advanced treatments quickly and safely.

Digital Therapy Assistants for HCPs
Increase the number of touchpoints to your customers with seamless access to comprehensive knowledge and information. Great customer support build great relations.

Provide easy access to relevant information and education

More than 60% of the questions, no matter how big or small, will be answered in real time – all others will be or forwarded to a specialist department or a peer-to-peer service. 

Xircles Engagement

With the Xircles Engagement Module you reinvent your customer engagement and unclutter your digital infrastructure and field force. Build trust and brand loyalty as well as accelerate and expand market traction.

The Future of HCP peer-to-peer support

The need for HCPs to have in-depth knowledge on the latest therapies is more important than ever before. HCPs receive valuable advice from contracted experts, from colleagues, and KOL. 

With a Xircles Assitant you create that magical moment when HCPs come to you for answers.

Tangible Patient Support and Engagement
Elevate therapy adherence and success with personalized interactions and real time patient support.
Build a digital service beyond the pill that your patients actually want to use. Improve patient outcome, provide personalized therapy related knowledge instantly, rely on high standards for safety and security all with Xircles technology.

Improve adherence for a successful therapy

With Xircles, patient support apps are tailored to patients' personal needs. Providing individual services and tools help patients to stay connected and keep track of the therapy.

Provide personalized therapy related knowledge

Xircles technologies help you to build a strong relationship with patients by providing on demand answers and support. Learn and improve your knowledge base continuously with every question of your patients.

High standards for safety and security

We work continuously with leading companies, regulators and industry to increase transparency and understanding of how we ensure our safety at Xircles. That includes data privacy, data encryption, team education and facilities.

With Xircles solutions you can enter the next level of patient engagement and support.

Automate large parts of medical information with AI, while providing state-of-the-art safety and monitoring medical requests. Use the collected data to learn from the requirements, increase quality and thus also improve the response time to customers.
Smart Medical Information Portals
Create a single service destination for your brand portfolio and provide a state of the art medical customer experience.

Automize medical information with AI

Xircles technology is changing medical information services. Focus your team resources on the real challenges and return up to 60% of answers automatically by applying natural language processing (NLP). Xircles helps you to escalate only the questions that need individual support.

Establish state of the art safety and monitoring of medical request

Xircles provides operational services and tools to easily monitor digital interactions to comply with regulatory standards. Each interaction is monitored by individuals in combination with the AI to ensure security and increase productivity.

Use data to learn from requests and improve quality

Every customer interaction tells a story. With Xircles, you create valuable insights from these stories to understand the perspectives of medical customers and to adapt your knowledge base. All data analyses are aligned with current privacy standards and regulations.

With Xircles you make your daily work in the medical information environment easier.

From pre-launch to launch to product maturity, establish a better way to engage with your customers.

Guido Axmann

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Guido Axmann

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With Xircles healthcare engagement solutions you can enter the next level of medical customer engagement and patient support.
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