We believe it should be as easy as possible for everyone to access valuable medical and pharmaceutical knowledge when needed.

That's why we are building an easy-to-use technology to empower people. A technology that shortens the time between a question and the safe and immediate application of knowledge – because we believe in the value of clear information to increase the number of digital engaged customers.

Xircles brings clarity into healthcare.

Smart technology

Companies need to rethink the role and function of customer service. What was once a support department becomes a compelling differentiator. Customer service is the new marketing.

by design

With Xircles customer journeys and personalizations become smarter, more immersive, more trust-enabling than they are today. Because there is no better marketing than a satisfied customer.

in healthcare

We work with our customers at an early stage of the lifecycle and develop a strategy to start with support and engagement. With Xircles, you increase your engagement that builds brand loyalty.

Explore our solutions and advisory services to assist HCPs, to support patients, and to provide comprehensive medical information.

We are a highly experienced team of developers, designers, doctors, and healthcare industry experts

Management Team

Guido Axmann

Guido Axmann, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Guido Axmann

Thomas Chille

Chief Technology Officer

Guido Axmann

Christian Baechler

Head of Business Development

Guido Axmann

Steffani Wilde

Head of Engagement Strategy

Advisory Board

Guido Axmann

Friedrich Gause

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Guido Axmann

Dr. Ulrich Mühlner

Member of the Supervisory Board

Guido Axmann

Gabriel Enczmann

Member of the Supervisory Board

Medical Advisors und Investors

Claudio Carboni

Dr. Patrick Dufner

Dr. Tobias Gilomen

Prof. Dr. Christian Gratzke

Prof. Dr. Patric Kröpil

Jens Miedke

Dr. Aileen Mitchell

Business Advisors und Investors

Dr. Daniel Geiger

Dr. Michael Geiger

Dr. Arndt Neuhaus

Sven Rawe

Dr. Oliver von Quast

Marcus Bergler


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With Xircles healthcare engagement solutions you can enter the next level of medical customer engagement and patient support.
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